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All About Bliss for Women

Bliss for Women is the shop where women are the  customers,,, not the merchandise!

Bliss for Women is the shop that not only promotes safe sex, but makes it safe to talk about sex.

Bliss for Women is a sensuality boutique for women and their partners. We take a holistic approach to women and their sexuality by offering products and services that inform and bring pleasure to all the senses.

We first opened our doors in 1996. Maureen Matthews, owner of Bliss For Women mother of three, wanted to offer a safe and informative environment for women to shop for books and products that cater to their specific needs. She considered the lack of such a space a crime against women and immediately began researching the very challenging, but rewarding, project that Bliss for Women would become.

Bliss is happy to be able to offer web customers the security of a real shop where you can contact us directly.

Please visit us by clicking on the link below, or read on to see a list of organisations and community bodies Bliss has been involved with.


Maureen founder of Bliss for WomenMaureen Matthews grew up as an English Vicar's daughter (and it's true what they say about Vicar's daughters! - her words!). She emigrated with her family at the age of 16, and at the age of 23 she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. She went on to complete a B A with Honours in English Literature, a Diploma of Education, and to raise 3 sons. In 1995 she was looking for a challenge (!), when she saw a panel discussion on SBS TV about 'Women & Pornography'. She realised that all the commercial ventures to do with sex were aimed at men, and that they were sleazy, offering very little for women, or for men in stable relationships. Her personal experiences of the affects of her disability, made her feel qualified to offer a tasteful, informative, intelligent alternative. She decided to open Bliss For Women - Australia's only adult shop for women. Almost seven years later, Bliss (and Maureen herself) have recieved recognition from the medical industry, women's groups and the women and couples of Australia. She's the woman who not only talks about Safe Sex, but makes it safe to talk about sex!

Her public speaking engagements include:

• 1996 Sex/Life Channel 10 TV
• 1997 Kerri-Anne Kennerly Midday Show
• 1998 - Women’s Expo - Sex Products for Women
• 1998 - 1996 Sex/Life Channel 10 TV
• May 1999 - Boroondara Literary Festival - Women's Erotica
• Oct 1999 - Panel At Royal Women's Hospital - Everything You Wanted  to Know About Sex, But Thought You Were Too Old to Ask
• Women’s Financial Network - Healthy Wealthy Women’s Day 2000/2001/2002/2003
• 2000 State Conference Of Community Health Nurses
• 2000 - 2003 Visited and Spoke at Community Health Centres at Craigieburn, Broadford, Wallen, Keilor - Keeping Sex-Life Alive
• 2001 World Health Organisation's International Conference On Sexuality - Paper on Women & Sex-Toys
• 2001 RRR Radio
• August 2001 - SBS Insight - on Censorship
• Early 2002 Opening of New Museum Of Vic. spoke on Corsetry & High Heels At The Body Art Exhibition.
• Nov 2002 Royal Women’s Hospital Viva La Vulva Panel
• 2003 March, June & Sept - Royal Women’s Hospital. Teaching a module in their course for menopausal women.
• March 2003 30th Annual Conference Of Stomal Therapy Nurses (In Hobart) - Sex After Surgery
• April 2003 - National Speakers' Assoc - Keeping The Home Fires Burning (Sex in Longterm Relationships)
• 2003 Joy FM Transgender Programme
• 2004 March, June & Sept - Royal Women’s Hospital. Teaching a module in their course for menopausal women.
• April 2004 - RRR Radio Toys For Women
• 2004 - Royal Women's Hospital's Living With Cancer Class - Reclaiming Your Sexuality

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